Monday, November 16, 2009

home sweet home

SO...finally moved into a new place and plan to stay for longer than a brief two week stint :) Occupants include myself, fellow American roomie Kate, and baby albino rabbit named Hulk (adopted by Kate). We're still living in Paddington right behind the College of Fine Arts in a lovely little terrace house. We've spent lots of time fixing the place up, building Ikea furniture and cooking dinners in our new place. Got our toilet fixed by a man named Mr. Willie Nelson yesterday. Weird.

(Lots of pictures to come soon because the internet is SO bad.....)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

amsterdam revival

in attempts to feel like we were back in amsterdam again, we hired bikes and rode around Centennial Park (because the weather is finally starting to get nicer :) not quite the same but good to get back on that bike again weee

guitar hour

nick is so kindly giving me guitar lessons here in Sydney so I can be the next Taylor Swift. sunday afternoon roof guitar hour! maybe on the roof so no one else can hear me....hmmmm

Monday, October 12, 2009


I always feel inclined to take pictures on my walks home through Paddington because it looks/feels like a movie set. Here are a few random sights....


sorry mom (and anyone else who may read my lovely blog) but I have not been updating nearly as much as I should be....

my current occupations in australia: finding a place to live as I am homeless on thursday (!!), going to housing inspection on saturdays with my new roomie Kate and trying to understand that our sydney budgets will not buy us a fully-furnished terrace house on a beautiful, tree-lined street in Paddington that comes with a puppy and free wi-fi, pouring beers at The London on Thursday and Saturday nights, successfully integrating Catch Phrase into the lives of many Australians, going out to good brekkie on the weekends with nick, indulging in the occasional midday drinks (too many good pubs in Paddington to pass up), starting up Bikram Yoga again, exploring new parts of sydney on foot, walking anywhere and everywhere, reading the book Shantaram in the park (due to wonderful current lack of day job), seeing some good Sydney gigs, getting some culture at the MCA and Australian Museum, making up photo projects for myself (Kaitlyn you'd be proud).

ANYways, picture updates to come. Life is good. Sydney is great. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


took a ferry ride from Sydney to Manly. reminds me a bit of Seattle!

cash money

the pub I'm working at: !!

broadening my horizons from Bud Light and PBR. Learning about schooners and middies, rugby league vs. rugby union....